Chihuahua who chased burglars reunited with owner

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Chihuahua named Hope has been reunited with her owner after she ran away during a home burglary.

It happened Monday in the 9600 block of Richmond Avenue. The dog's owner, Veronica, says her brother and Hope started chasing after one of the thieves. They managed to take him down, but in the process, Hope ran away. 

"We couldn't find her and we started calling everybody," Veronica said.

She decided to place missing dog fliers with Hope's picture throughout the neighborhood.

On Tuesday morning, Veronica got a call from a nearby veterinarian who had Hope.

After the takedown, apparently Hope had crossed a busy intersection at Richmond and Gessner, then took shelter in a parking garage at an office building about a mile away from where the home burglary happened.

"I can't believe it. Richmond and Gessner is a horrible intersection, people drive crazy and they drive fast," said Krista Miller.

On Monday afternoon, Miller, an employee who works for Burnett Specialists located inside the office building, found Hope hiding under her car. She and her co-workers set out to find Hope's owner.

"I love animals and I couldn't imagine someone walking up and leaving that dog there because the chances of it living, if it had been left, were very slim," Miller said.

By the end of the day, the employees had no clue who the dog belonged to, so one of Miller's co-workers took Hope home. The next morning they brought her to the vet, who saw Hope's green collar and connected it to the missing dog fliers posted in the area.

Hope and Veronica were reunited Tuesday morning, then Hope was micro-chipped.

"I'm so excited," Veronica said. "I was crying all night long and I don't know if she needs me as much as I need her."

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