Chef Philippe Schmit Holiday Menu

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Filet Mignon a la plancha

For 4 servings


Beef filet mignon 6 oz, 2 slices (3oz each)

Olive oil 1 cup

Butter 1 oz

Polenta flour (instant polenta) 1 ½ cup 

Milk 1 quart

Vegetable stock 2 cups

Butter 2 oz

Salt, pepper To taste


Shallots (thinly sliced) 2

Garlic (crushed, then chopped) 1 clove

Parsley (wash then chop) ½ bunch

Red wine vinegar 1 tablespoon

Olive oil virgin 8 tablespoons

Espelette 1 pinch

Thyme 1 sprig, chopped

Romaine hearts 2 ½ hearts cut in half

Porcini mushrooms 8 oz

Butter 1 oz

Chicken stock ½ cup


Boil the milk with the vegetable stock, slowly add the polenta to the mixture while whisking. Cook slowly until the polenta has melted and the mix gets thick but smooth. Add the parmesan and butter at the end and pour the hot mix on a pre buttered sheet pan. Let cool, then refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Cut into rectangles in the sheet pan and color both sides in a non stick pan


Mix in a bowl the following: shallots, garlic, salt, pepper and vinegar   and slowly whisk in the olive oil, finish by adding the herb and espelette.

Grill the romaine heart half, then lightly braise in the chicken stock.

Porcini: cut mushroom thick slices, sear in a non stick hot pan, with butter and until crispy on the outside.  Set aside.


Sear the beef to the temperature desired, drizzle the chimmichurri on top. Place a portion of polenta next to the meat and add some porcini on top, next to the romaine hearts.

Bon appétit!