Charges filed against mom accused of stabbing, mutilating 4-year-old son

By Phil Archer - Reporter, Nakia Cooper - Senior Web Editor, Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A mother accused of brutally stabbing her 4-year-old son outside a northwest Harris County home is behind bars while her son is fighting for his life.

Jenea Mungia is charged with felony injury to a child. Mungia was undergoing a medical evaluation at the jail Friday morning and therefore was not present in court when the charges against her were read for the first time.

The attack happened at a home in the 14900 block of James River at Arcadian Shores Drive.

A delivery truck driver called 911 around 1 p.m. Thursday to say a woman appeared to be pounding a small boy's chest in the driveway of their home.

"I thought she was giving him CPR," recalls Netha Preston, the driver.  "But then she started slamming his head on the edge of the concrete driveway."

"I turned so I could see, and she raised the knife and started stabbing the baby," Preston said with a pause to hold back tears. "'She's stabbing the baby.' I said, 'She's stabbing the baby!'  The cops eventually showed up and even they had a hard time trying to get her off of him.  One of them cops had to end up kicking her off of him."

Deputy Thomas Gilliland said as the officers pulled up, the woman was naked from the waist up.

"A 23-year-old female, who is a suspect in this case, was outside the residence and had a 4-year-old child, believed to be her son, in the driveway, and was striking her son with an object," Gilliland said.

On closer inspection, deputies saw that the object in her hand was a knife.

The little boy suffered multiple stab wounds and was also sexually mutilated according to investigators. He was immediately treated by medics from the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department, and then rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital via Life Flight helicopter.

When KPRC 2 spoke with the boy's aunt over the phone Friday, she said the family has "no idea" what promoted this attack. The boy's aunt said he remains in critical condition after undergoing surgery Thursday at the hospital.

"She had to be sick, or on drugs," said Preston. "It's no way somebody could do their blood like that. There's no way."

Neighbors heard the sirens and came out of their homes to see the boy being loaded aboard the chopper. After learning what had happened and seeing the boy strapped to a gurney, one of them, Sarah Moore, says she pulled her own 13-month-old son closer.

"I grabbed him and I couldn't let go of him. I couldn't imagine how a mother, that's what we were told, could do that to anybody," Moore said.

His mother was arrested and taken in for questioning. A friend said the boy's mother had been treated for postpartum psychosis after his birth and had been hospitalized. The woman and her son lived with her parents and her sister at her parents' home.

Mungia is being held without bond in the mental health unit of the Harris County Jail. Sheriff's officials said Mungia will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Harris County civil court records show Mungia was receiving child support from the boy's father. Record filed in that case show no instances of family violence.

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