Charges dropped against man involved in incident with deputies while claiming to be doing yard work

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Charges have been dropped against a Houston-area teen who claimed he was mistreated by Harris County Precinct 1 deputies.

Marlin Gibson was charged with evading arrest and failure to identify, but the charged were dropped due to insufficient evidence, according to court records.

The charges stemmed from a confrontation that was partly recorded by Marlin on his cellphone.

The officer's dashcam video shows a different angle of the incident.

The teen's attorney said the teens were doing lawn work and passing out business cards when an officer asked Marlin for his identification.

Authorities said Marlin told officers his name was "Marvin," he was 19-year-old and his date of birth was 10/12/99.

"Mr. Gibson falsified his name and date of birth to the deputy, saying he was 19 and giving a date of birth of 10/12/99 (which) would have made him 17. This further raised the deputy's suspicion," Constable Allen Rosen said.

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Rosen said Marlin then left the scene and went to his mother's house. When officers went to speak with him, they were invited inside, but Marlin barricaded himself in a bathroom, according to authorities.

"He was going door-to-door, which caught the deputy's attention, because many people's homes are burglarized because people were going door-to-door," Rosen said.

Officers said they stunned Marlin twice by Taser and released a K-9 after several warnings.

WATCH: Phone video of incident involving lawn guys and Harris County deputies

"All I was doing was working," Marlin said.

The Gibsons are denying the barricade story, and say they were attacked.

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Authorities said Marlin lied about his identity because he knew he had an open warrant.

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