Changes made after suspicious man seen in Little League restroom

HOUSTON - A Little League organization is making big changes after a suspicious man approached a child inside a ballpark restroom.

A man stood and watched a Little League player as he used the restroom at Bayland Park, 6400 Bissonnet near Hillcroft, on Tuesday evening.

"Being out here on a day to day basis, there are a bunch of kids being it's a Little League park," said Ricky Watkins, Westbury Christian High School coach. "

Park officials have warned parents about the incident and let them know about changes being made to keep their kids safe.

"Effective immediately, any player at your practices that requests to go to the restroom must be accompanied by a same-gender adult … the buddy system is no acceptable at this time," a note from the park stated.

The same rule goes for high school students.

"A couple of them tried to laugh it off because they think they're tough guys, but you really don't know what you're dealing with until you deal with it. So, we're not going to take any chances for our students and we're going to be as precautionary as we can," Watkins said.

Park officials have not released a description of the suspicious man.

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