Chalk Jesus: Texas church goes for world record chalk portrait

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

GRAPEVINE, Texas - Just days before Easter, a megachurch near Dallas is trying to get people to talk about Jesus.

The Grapevine Church is attempting a world record size chalk portrait of Jesus Christ. The 17,000 square foot portrait takes up the entire church parking lot -- about half an acre.

They first marked off the parking lot by blocks and just coloring different colors. It's an all-day affair -- it took hundreds of volunteers 13 hours.

Derric Bonnot with Fellowship Church said, "We're making the world's largest portrait of Jesus. And we've had literally hundreds of volunteers here today of all ages. We believe the church should be the most creative entity on the face of the planet. Not boring, not humdrum."

To do that, it takes 6,700 pieces of chalk and 125 bags of charcoal.

Bonnot said, "We should be out there thinking up new ways to tell the story of who Jesus is and who God is and so hopefully this just catches people's attention to want to see more and want to know more."

This mural will be seen by millions, including flyers coming in and out of Dallas-Forth Worth Airport.

"Chalk Jesus" will live on until one of two things happens: Either it will make it through Easter Sunday services at which point they'll wash him away; or it will rain before that and if that happens they say so be it.

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