Chairs for Charlie: Neighbors help a friend in need

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

HOUSTON - In the 800 block of Azalea in the Garden Oaks neighborhood, you'll often spot two Yorkies, a cat and a neighbor who everyone seems to know. 

"He's a pretty laid back guy, very friendly," Mark Klein said.

"From day one he has been an amazing neighbor and he is an amazing neighbor," Tina Sabuco said.

Charlie George moved into the neighborhood more than a decade ago. He often strolls the street with his two dogs and cat.

"I try to walk the dogs every morning and every evening," Charlie said.

But lately his neighbors have noticed he is having a hard time during his walks, a set back due to leukemia. Charlie was diagnosed three years ago.

"So we thought it would be nice if there were chairs for him to rest along the way," Sabuco said.

Sabuco helped effort "Chairs for Charlie." There are now lawn chairs in front of more than a dozen homes, with a sign that reads, "Chairs for Charlie. Or for others in need of a rest."

"Ours is a very cozy chair and it rocks a little bit, so if he ever wants a rocking experience, he can sit in our chair," Georgia Lister said.

The chairs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The chair in Klein's front lawn is blue.

"Well that's his favorite color, so we got a blue chair for Charlie," Klein said.

Charlie found the chairs during one of his walks this week, after returning from the hospital.

"It made it real for me that people really care about me and they're looking out for me," Charlie said.

They're also looking out for his wife, Sandra, who often accompanies him on the walks. One front lawn has two yellow chairs, one for Charlie and one for Sandra.

"It's incredible, the support," Sandra said. "I think it's really important when you're going through something like this that you feel the love."

It's a street full of good neighbors, giving Charlie the strength to keep going.

"I intend to walk to the end, God willing," Charlie said.

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