Chad Holley pleads guilty to burglary charge

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HOUSTON - The teenager at the center of one of Houston's biggest police brutality cases has pleaded guilty to a second burglary charge Wednesday.

Chad Holley was arrested in June in connection with a burglary at a house in northwest Harris County. He entered a guilty plea Wednesday morning, officials said.

The judge will decide on Holley's punishment following a pre-sentencing investigation.

"He's ready to step up and be a man and do something more constructive with his life," Holley's attorney, Letitia Quinones, said. "He's ready to choose better friends and he's ready to choose better surroundings."

Four Houston police officers were accused of brutality after Holley's previous burglary arrest in March of 2010. That arrest was captured on a storage lot security camera.

A jury found one of the officers not guilty last spring. The other three are still awaiting trial.

Holley is facing up to 10 years in prison on the latest charge. He was also convicted of burglary after his arrest in 2010. The judge will hand down his sentence March 14.

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