Chad Holley arrested when he gets to court

Holley arrested on school trespassing warrant

HOUSTON - The teenager at the center of one of Houston's biggest police brutality cases went to court on Thursday for a hearing connected with a home burglary, but he ended up going to jail in connection with another case.

Chad Holley, 18, was arrested in June in connection with a burglary at a house in northwest Harris County. He entered a guilty plea in January and faced up to 10 years in prison, officials said.

When Holley showed up in court to receive his sentence, he was taken into custody because there was a warrant for his arrest. Harris County Precinct 5 deputy constables said Holley was wanted on a charge of trespassing on school property in January 2012.

"It was simply a fine that was not paid over a year ago on a class-C, which amounts to something like a traffic ticket violation," Holley's attorney, Letitia Quinones said. "There are no new felony charges. There are no new misdemeanor charges."

Court records showed Holley made three payments toward a $307 fine but then stopped paying.

Quinones said Holley will be released when the $187 fine is paid. Quinones said Holley's parents didn't pay the fine "due to lack of funds."

Holley's hearing on the burglary charge was reset to April 4.

Four Houston police officers were accused of brutality after Holley's previous burglary arrest in March of 2010. That arrest was captured on a storage lot security camera.

A jury found one of the officers not guilty last spring. The other three are still awaiting trial.

Holley was also convicted of burglary after his arrest in 2010.

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