CenterPoint ready to help restore power in La.

HOUSTON - Several organizations in Houston and throughout Texas are ready to help in the area hit by Hurricane Isaac.

CenterPoint Energy crews will head to Louisiana Thursday to help restore power  that was knocked out. About 500,000 people in the New Orleans area lost power when the Isaac stormed ashore.

"Due to the fact that the storm stalled, we want to make sure our employees aren't put in harm's way as they travel there," CenterPoint spokeswoman Alicia Dixon said. "When they get there they can begin restoring power immediately."

The Atascocita Fire Department is also ready to go to Louisiana if help is needed.

Crews were going to be deployed Wednesday, but they got an order to stand down. If they do get sent out, they could provide medical support at the Texas-Louisiana border.

"It's significant because it allows us to address issues like mass causalities, mass evacuations or mass amounts of patients that are created by storms," Chief Sean Conley said.

Texas Task Force One, an urban search and rescue team, is already in Louisiana. It's strategically staged outside of the storm zone so members can respond quickly as the requests for help come in.

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