Caught on video: Sharpstown neighborhood burglar steals from multiple vehicles

HOUSTON - Residents in a Sharpstown neighborhood said a burglar stole from several vehicles as cameras were rolling.

Newly installed surveillance cameras at Garret Guarino's house show the burglars in action, stealing from him and his neighbor's at 3 a.m. Guarino said the suspects case the streets along Jackwood and Reims.

The video shows a man walking up Guarino's driveway. Within minutes, the man quickly walks away carrying a huge handful of items he stole from Guarino's truck.

"Our tailgate was missing, gone,' said Guarino. Guarino said the suspect broke a tailgate lock to steal the tailgate. He said the thief also grabbed a pot of beans from the truck that were meant for the family's rodeo celebrations.

The burglar seemed to just be getting started. Guarino said the man spent nearly an hour on their streets. Video showed a suspect peering into another resident's truck.

When the man doesn't find anything there, he moves down the street to other trucks. Guarino said the burglar stole jumper cables and even a bag of clothes the owner planned to donate to a local charity.

Once the man piles up the items on the sidewalk, he loads them into his accomplice's truck and they leave.

Guarino is hoping the surveillance video will help lead to the men's arrests.

"It's definitely been a good investment. We still have a little of touching up to do, another camera to set up. But this is definitely going to help out," said Guarino.

Guarino said he filed a report with Houston police.

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