Caught on tape: Men follow woman from bank

Try to smash her windows and take cash

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A woman leaving a bank may have been followed by two men then tried to smash in the driver's side window of her truck while she sat in the front seat.

They were likely after money they didn't know the victim, being identified only as Maria, made a deposit at the bank not a withdraw. 

"They had a rock or something in their hand and just started, 'bam, bam, bam,' and tried to bust in," said Jim Carroll, who works with Maria at the apartment complex on Capitol Street where the crime occurred. 

Carroll called 911 and a Houston police officer came to the scene, he collected surveillance video that shows two possible suspects. 

The men took off in a blue, KIA Spectra with a missing hubcap on the driver's side, front tire.

"The police seem to think they may have followed her from the bank," Carroll said.  "It was pouring down rain and they were out there in the rain doing this in the daylight."

Jugging is what Houston police call this type of crime when a suspect or suspects follow unsuspecting customers from a bank and either rob them for the cash or break into their cars and just take it. 

It's unclear where the name jugging comes from but Local 2 has reported on it before.  It can happen anywhere and investigators warn people to be careful when leaving a bank. If you feel like you're being followed they suggest calling 911 or pulling into a nearby police station or fire station. 

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