Caught on camera: Family fights teen

HOUSTON - A girl's parents have been accused of encouraging their 13-year-old daughter to beat up a 14-year-old girl and then joining in the fight.

The attack at the Cuney Apartment Homes in the Third Ward on Saturday was caught on camera.

On the video, the 13-year-old girl's parents were seen watching the fight, encouraging their daughter and eventually getting physical with the other girl.

The parents, Charles Fields and Nicole Curtis, have both been arrested and charged with felony injury to a child.

According to the 14-year-old girl, she was sitting at the basketball court at the complex when the family drove up. She said the parents started to urge their 13-year-old daughter to fight her.

When it appeared that the 13-year-old was going to lose, Fields was seen on video slamming the 14-year-old girl's head to the ground. Curtis was seen on video punching the 14-year-old girl in the back of the head and putting her in a choke hold.

Fields is being held in the Harris County Jail without bond. Curtis was released from jail after posting $5,000 bond.

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