Caught on Camera: Crooks break into family's business

Family says it cost them thousands

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - The owners of Power Up Surplus, an electrical company in southeast Houston, are tired of being targeted by thieves. 

"It's very frustrating," said Joseph Brockman. "I mean we're all just trying to make a living.  I understand it's tough times, but there are better ways than stealing."

Brockman installed security cameras at his family's business after they were broken into several times. The most recent incident happened after-hours on Sunday. 

The recordings showed two men breaking into a metal cage used to store propane tanks. They hauled away five full tanks and threw them over a back fence where a pickup truck was parked. 

The tanks, Brockman said, cost roughly $300 to replace, plus they have to fix the broken cage. In the past, he said they've had scrap metal stolen and things vandalized.

"It's starting to become a regular occurrence," said Brockman. "Once every few months there's something either being cut, vandalized or something of that nature."

Brockman hopes the security cameras will deter any future would-be thieves from hitting his business again. He released the images to Local 2 and wants the bad guys to know they are watching.

"They know that they're caught," he said. "They know someone is watching. That's really what I want them to know."

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