Cats trapped at condo complex

Man who handles traps: 'Someone is letting them go'

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Some residents at a west Houston condo complex are upset that cats are being trapped on the property.

Several traps were visible at Idlewood Condominiums in the 10000 block of Westpark Drive on Thursday. Local 2 captured images of a live cat caught in one of the traps.

The cats appear to be attracted to the small metal cage by the cat food inside.

The traps do not appear to injure the animals, but some residents have objected to the treatment.

"This is not humane and we don't know what they're doing with these cats," said resident Raquel Lalinde.

Other residents were not bothered by the cat trapping, although some of the cats caught in the traps appear to be collared pets.

A person who handles the traps spoke with Local 2 on condition of anonymity.

"I release anything with a collar on it," the cat trapper said.

The man said he is licensed in pest control and does not kill the cats. The cats are delivered to the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care, the city shelter, he said.

Feral and stray cats at the animal shelter can be euthanized under some circumstances.

The trapper said he planned to quit the Idlewood Condos job because of sabotage.

"Every time I come out there, the traps have been sprung, but there aren't any cats. Someone is letting them go. It's not worth my time," he said.

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