Cat found stuck in truck during oil change

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa - A routine oil change turned into a cat rescue operation.

An Iowa man drove 45 miles to get his oil changed an had no idea that he had an extra passenger -- under the hood.

"The opened up the hood and there was a cat with its head sticking through a little hole," said Mike Kerkman, the owner of the vehicle.

The cat was stuck near the washer fluid, and the staff at GM Auto Center in Norfolk, Iowa, jumped into action to save the cat.

Operation Kitty Rescue took about 90 minutes. Luckily, one of the auto center employees had worked for a veterinary clinic. A local veterinarian was also able to give the cat a sedative to so she could be rescued safely.

The cat was returned to her home a few hours later and was chasing mice and basking in the sun.

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