Cashier at Baytown Walmart fired, accused of assaulting customer

Employee fired, police issue citation for misdemeanor assault

BAYTOWN, Texas - A Baytown woman said a Walmart employee assaulted her when she commented on the employee's customer service skills.

Tiffany Richards said she went into the money center inside a Baytown Walmart with her 4-year-old granddaughter. Richards planned to cash her check like she said she's done on many prior trips.

Richards said employee Christina Nash seemed to have a bad attitude and snide comments from the start. Richards said Nash told her the check reader wouldn't work on the check. So, Richards turned to leave, but she said Nash's mean comments continued.

Shocked by the customer service, Richards admits she then had a few choice words for Nash.

"I said, 'You just need to shut your mouth,'" said Richards. After that, Richards began walking away, thinking their interaction was done.

But as Richards got to the front doors of the Walmart, she said Nash ran up behind her and attacked.

"The next thing I know I'm slammed from behind. She punches me in the head, pulls my hair. My grand-baby is on the ground and she's crying and doesn't know what's going on," said Richards.

Another Walmart employee had to step in to help Richards by pulling Nash off her.

A Walmart spokesperson said a manager reviewed surveillance video of the attack, and then Nash was immediately fired.

Baytown police said an officer also issued Nash a citation for misdemeanor assault.

"She may have had a bad day, I don't know, but you can't respond that way just because you have a bad day," said Richards. "If she's going to do that in a public place at her job, what is she going to do if somebody else crosses her path? I would be really afraid if I ever had to see her again."

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