Cars spray painted at apartment complex

Residents awake to vandalism in SE Houston

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - Cars parked at an apartment complex in southeast Houston were vandalized overnight, with residents waking up on Friday morning to discover that their cars had been spray painted.

About 15 cars at the Wilmington Apartment complex at 4306 Wilmington near Cullen Boulevard, were sprayed with red paint, Residents said this is a neighborhood that has been targeted by vandals before.

"I ran upstairs and got on some clothes and got a bucket and started scrubbing," said Carlen Mackey.

"We tried washing it off and it came off but it is still on certain peoples tires," said Shannon Jenkins

This is the second time this complex has been targeted; some residents had their car tires slashed and cars damaged with scratches from keys a few weeks ago, residents said.

"That is money out of my pocket that I didn't have and I had to make sacrifices to get it taken care of," said Charlotte Denman.

Some of the markings have residents suspecting that neighborhood gangs may be involved, which has them worried for what is next.

"It is possible that they could come and burn the place down. You never know, that is why it is scary to me," said Denman.

Many of the vandalism victims filed reports with Houston Police, and they are asking anyone with information to contact HPD.

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