Car vandals in The Heights take aim at car windows

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

THE HEIGHTS, Texas - Glass still sits on the floor in the backseat of Sonia Peddy's car in The Heights. She was driving home from a Christmas program with her 5-year-old in the backseat, when someone shot out one of the rear windows.

"It was pretty shocking," said Peddy. "I just assumed it was a rock and I thought, 'Why would people do that? Who would do that?'"

Peddy was one of more than a dozen victims of someone who shot out numerous windows in The Heights. The spree went from late Sunday morning to Monday evening when her window was shattered. The people responsible are still out there.

The suspects also targeted Richard Brown's music van.

"They just do it to be a nuisance," said Brown. "I don't think they get any other pleasure out of it, because there's nothing in there. They don't get into the van. They just want to do it to be a pain in the neck."

With windows shot out throughout the area, people are on alert. But as Sonia Peddy is finding out -- repairing the damage will be costly.

"Unfortunately I do not have full insurance coverage," said Peddy. "So it's probably going to come out of pocket. It's just really inconvenient."

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