Police hunt for carjackers after salesman beaten, kidnapped during test drive

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

Police are on the hunt for two men they said kidnapped a car salesman and stole his car during a test drive.

Jose Martinez has a broken nose, stitches in his lip and several bruises after being kidnapped and beaten up during a test drive. 

He said things went wrong shortly after he and the would-be car buyer pulled out of the Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership on West Sam Houston Parkway South in southwest Houston.

"I look over and he hit me and the other guy came out the other car that pulled up behind me and hit me," Martinez said.

The two attackers tied up Martinez and shoved him in the trunk.

"They tied me up with some tape and my belt on my ankles and closed the trunk. They got my wallet and my phone," he said.

Martinez managed to break free from the tape and pulled the emergency release inside the trunk and jumped out. But the suspects caught up with him and that is where the tables turned.

"The other guy got out of the car. I started fighting him. He dropped his gun. He was trying to pull it out. I just picked up and shot at him and I think I hit him right up here," Martinez said, gesturing to his shoulder.

The attackers took off and police tracked them down to where they crashed near Dairy Ashford and Westheimer.

Investigators said the guys took off running.

There is no word when Martinez will go back to work, but he says he will return to selling cars at some point.

"I'm not going to let some guys keep me from working," he said.

As for a description of the attackers, Martinez doesn't remember much but says they are African-American men, with a thin or athletic build, and tattoos on their arms.

He said the dealership does have security cameras but the dealership has not released the video at this time. 

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