Car dealership sex assault suspect out on bond

Riku Melartin accused of having sex with 16-year-old

CROSBY, Texas - A car dealership owner accused of sexually assaulting a teenage employee appeared in court Thursday to have his bond reinstated..

Riku Melartin, the owner of John Keating Chevrolet in Crosby, has been charged with sexual assault of a child. According to court documents, he had sex with a 16-year-old female employee.

Another employee of the dealership, George Koutani, has been accused of fondling the teen. He has been charged with indecency with a child.

According to court records, all of the incidents happened between August and October.

"The complainant believed Riku gave her a total close to $500.00 dollars [sic] between the three incidents," court documents read.

The 16-year-old's mother attended Melartin's court appearance. She said she wanted to look him in the eye and send a message.

"I'm going to walk this every step of the way in getting justice for my daughter," said the mother. "I will be -- if he's brought in to sign a paper, I will be there every step of the way.

After Martin surrendered, he was released on bond. Because of a paperwork error, that bond was revoked and he was booked back into jail. He was released again Thursday after posting $100,000 bond.

"He's happy now -- happy that he gets to go back home," said Jim Butler, Melartin's attorney. "All of the other emotions from one end of the spectrum to another are still there."

Prosecutors said the incidents came to light when the teen's stepfather, who is listed in court records as working for Melartin at the dealership, received an anonymous call. Court records read the stepfather told detectives the caller said "he overhead George Koutani bragging at the dealership about him having sex with the complaint."

Melartin was heralded by some as a hero 11 months ago.

Last February, Melartin recounted for Local 2 how he helped stop a man who robbed an elderly neighbor in Bellaire. Melartin's story went viral on the web, in part because of how he referred to his .50 caliber handgun as his "dancing partner."

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