Car burglars target shopping centers

LEAGUE CITY, Texas - Police are investigating a rash of car burglaries in the League City area.

T. Harris said she stopped by a restaurant along the Gulf Freeway for dinner.

"We just ran in to to grab something to eat, have a good time," Harris said. "Within an hour, (I) came back out. My car was actually burglarized. My whole window was shattered."

Harris said her work laptop computer, cellphone, iPod and more were missing. She estimated the loss was about $2,000.

Harris said she now knows better than to leave valuables in her car. She said she was shocked to learn she was not the only victim.

"I went in and asked the manager of the restaurant," she said. "He said that happens quite often around here."

League City police said they have investigated almost two dozen vehicle burglaries along the Gulf Freeway in the past two months. The area where Harris' car was broken into is also near Webster. Webster police have not responded to KPRC Local 2's request for recent burglary statistics.

Harris said not long after the break-in, she almost became a victim again. She was standing in line at a store and saw a man casing the parking lot.

"I look at the door and another gentleman was looking in my car," she said.

Harris said she ran outside and scared him away.

She said she's been vigilant about checking for car break-ins in her area by using crime reports apps on her phone, and she's warning fellow shoppers.

"I just want to spread awareness to other people so they know and be alert," she said.

Police remind drivers to take extra steps to protect their belongings and to always be sure they lock their vehicles.

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