Car break-ins have gym goers on high alert

Police: Don't leave anything in your car

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Don't leave anything valuable in your car when you go to the gym. That was the warning from a local woman after she went to exercise last Saturday.

Amy Wendt said she was at the LA Fitness off of Beltway 8 near West Road in northwest Harris County when she came out to find thieves had broken onto her car. This will cost her about $400 after she replaces her GPS and repairs her window.

"It's very frustrating," Wendt told Local 2. "It gets expensive to fix and you work hard for your money, so it's very frustrating when someone else comes along and decides to take it from you."

She said the staff told her that there had been several car burglaries recently. She wanted to see security in the parking lot. She said the gym is handing out crime watch alerts telling customers to lock up their stuff.

Police say this is a problem all over our area because thieves know customers will be inside the gym for a long time. Officers said the best advice is to leave your valuables at home and don't leave anything in sight.

Local 2 left a message for the LA Fitness media relations department requesting a comment. As of Friday night, no one had called back.

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