Cancer patient burglarized while getting chemo treatment at hospital

HOUSTON - A Houston cancer patient is fighting two battles, beating her disease and moving on after someone broke into her home while she was getting chemo treatment.

She is battling two types of cancer and fighting to survive. She can't believe someone would break into her apartment and take what little she has.

Sarah McGrath couldn't believe the condition of her apartment when she walked in Monday afternoon. After spending the day at the doctor's office, the cancer patient realized that someone had broken into her apartment and stolen most of her valuables.

"When they break into your house you feel violated. Can't sleep, worse now, jumping and running to the door," McGrath told Local 2.

Police say the suspect broke through the bedroom window. You can still see the heavy footprints he left behind. The man ransacked her apartment and took a TV, laptop, sewing kit; even clothing. He stuffed everything into a laundry basket and got away.

"I feel awful because I work for everything that I had," said McGrath. "To come and what you work for is all gone. Basically all gone."

To make matters worse, McGrath is battling stage three cervical cancer and lymphoma. Now she is so frightened by what happened she doesn't want to leave her home, not even to go to in for treatment.

"I don't have much left and he's going to come back and take what little I have left I can't replace that I don't have the money," she said.

Meanwhile McGrath's friends are worried because they say what was taken from her is also what provided her comfort while she was at home alone resting after grueling cancer treatments.

"I would like for her to get help so she can have that peace of mind back and come into her house and not be scared," said Kathy Gabriel.

McGrath says she hopes to save up for a security system.

We checked and she says police haven't recovered any of her stolen items. Investigators are looking into reports of other apartment unit break-ins on that same day.

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