Cancer patient, 7, sends encouraging words to Texans' Quessenberry

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter , Sara Patterson

HOUSTON - Kids all over the world look up to professional athletes like the Houston Texans players. But there is one child in Mont Belvieu who is hoping that his story is an inspiration to a Texan battling cancer.

When 7-year-old Jake Daniel heard of David Quessenberry's cancer diagnoses, he wanted to help.

"Hi David, I am Jake Daniel, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in December, and I was finished in May," Jake said, in a YouTube video with a message, hoping the Texans player would see it.

"To know that somebody else went through it and made it," said Jake.

He was diagnosed last year, three days before Christmas. He underwent several months of chemotherapy but is now in remission. In the video, Jake offers tips and encouragement to the 23-year-old offensive tackle while he battles the same cancer.

"Number 1: keep praying. Number two: keep your head up. Number three: never give up. Number four: when you get the mouth sores always eat Jello. Number five: always flirt with nurses," Jake said.

He and his mother are out of town, but they told Local 2 in a Skype interview why they created the video that already has more than 1,500 views.

"We just really wanted him to know that Jake made it through it, and so can he. This is something that can be beat, and he has people behind him, supporting him and praying for him," said his mother, Bonnie Daniel.

Quessenberry got the message and responded with a Tweet, saying, "Jake you just made my day my friend. Wise words young stud can't wait to meet you!"

"Good luck buddy, I will be praying for you," said Jake.

Now that Jake is in remission, he and his family are hoping to get back to normal life.

Watch the video he created below and check out his Facebook page, Jake's Journey. You can leave Jake encouraging words and follow his journey in remission.


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