California scientist sues NASA to force it to better explore Mars

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor
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HOUSTON - A scientist in California is suing NASA to force it to better explore Mars with the Mars Rover. The scientist is upset NASA won't take closer, better photos to be able to better see a small doughnut shaped object captured in one Rover's photo.

The lawsuit names NASA and its chief administrator, Charles Bolden. It was filed by a California scientist and astrologist named Dr. Rhawn Joseph.

In the Rover's pictures Joseph says he sees evidence of some sort of life on Mars, a bacteria, fungus or algae. There's evidence of water. Joseph says where there's water, there's life.

He says NASA today isn't the same organization that put man on the moon. According to Joseph, it has no sense of purpose.

Joseph overall is frustrated with NASA and says it isn't exploring anymore. So does he think the lawsuit will work? He hopes a judge will order NASA to take close-up pictures.

The goal of Joseph's lawsuit isn't money, just a petition to force NASA to take close-up photos of that structure on Mars.

NASA isn't commenting on the lawsuit.

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