By the numbers: Why Lake Houston is being lowered

By Sophia Beausoleil - Reporter, Cory McCord - Digital News Editor

HOUSTON - Houston Public Works is warning property owners at Lake Houston to expect lower lake levels as officials prepare for "substantial rainfall over the next several days."

The lake is still taking on water from the weekend storms.

Here's a look at the numbers right now:

  • Lake Houston is currently at 42.45 feet.
  • Lake Houston's normal pool elevation is 42.5 feet.
  • Officials hope to lower the lake to a level of 41.5 feet before the next round of rainfall.

Officials said all four gates on the existing dam structure are open and will remain open until the lake reaches the desired level.

“I’m glad that they have (lowered the lake levels). We were talking about that this afternoon, looking at the water and looking at the levels going, ‘We haven’t heard anything, are they opening them or not.’ It makes me feel better,” said Sarah Harvey, who lives along the water with her family.

Harvey and her family, who happen to share the same name as the historic storm, had just bought their home in Lake Shadows subdivision in Crosby when the hurricane came through two years ago.

They were in the final stage of building their home, put on the last door and received four feet of water due to Hurricane Harvey.

While the Harvey family is aware of the heavy amount of rain expected later in the week, they don’t think their home will flood again but are concerned.

“It does start making me nervous, simply because we did get a lot of rain this past weekend, everything coming from the Conroe area, Kingwood area, that’s still draining and obviously it drains to us, so it makes me nervous,” Harvey said.

She said they have put in a lot of money to fix their yard and did have some erosion damage two years ago.

In regards to this week, Harvey said her family is worried, but at the same time, she’ll just have to wait and see what the weather does.

“I’m on the fence. Everybody starts getting worried and you sit outside and you start having those flashbacks, you start seeing the water line, and you’re going, ‘It can happen again,” Harvey said.

About 7 inches of rainfall is expected over the next six days.

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