Business leaders gather ahead of hurricane season

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist

HOUSTON - We're just over two weeks away from the official start of hurricane season. All is quiet in the tropics now, but eventually that will change.

Now is the time to put a plan together and prepare for a tropical threat later this summer. Frank Billingsley was the emcee for the 25th Annual Impact Weather Hurricane Symposium in Stafford to help business leaders stay ahead of the storm.

The damage can be devastating. A hurricane can bring a city to its knees. That's why area business leaders came together to hone their response plan for the next storm that hits Houston.  Former National Hurricane Center director and Local 2 hurricane expert Bill Read was one of several speakers on hand to educate attendees.

"It's a matter of where they hit, not how many they are, that really defines the season. If you have a big disaster, then that's a memorable season. If they're all out at sea or all weak, it's not going to be remembered by much," said Read.

With an El Nino weather pattern expected to develop this summer, the 2014 hurricane season is predicted to be quieter than normal. But as Read points out, it only takes one storm to hit in the wrong place to create a major disaster.

The conference focused on helping businesses prepare, but it's a great reminder to all of us that it's time for us to get our family response plan in place, too.

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