Bus where kids found home alone now for rent

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - A school bus where two children were found living alone is now for rent.

A family converted an old school bus into a home several years ago. While mom and dad were in prison serving time for wire fraud, their two young children continued to live in the converted bus in Montgomery County.

The children were later taken into custody by Children's Protective Services after authorities determined that the children did not have proper supervision and the conditions were deplorable.

The parents said they left their children in the care of relatives and the bus was clean when they had last seen it.

Both parents are now out of jail and they're fighting to get their children back. They've cleaned out the bus and have listed it for rent – for $400 per month – on Craigslist.

The couple said the bus was always supposed to be a temporary home. They hoped to build a permanent home on the lot.

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