Burglary suspects beat up homeowner who returned home

The victim said when he returned home from a jog, he saw two men coming from his home

HOUSTON - Houston police are searching for two suspects who broke into a home in the northwest part of town and badly beat up the homeowner.

It happened about 8 a.m. on Wednesday in the 7000 block of Pine Grove Drive.

Joseph Ramos says he left his home to go jogging and noticed two suspicious men standing by a car.

When Ramos returned home, those same two men were coming out of his house.

"They came out of my house with guns and said come inside. I said no, I'm not going inside the house and said what are you guys doing here," said Ramos.

Ramos said he ran into the middle of the street and started yelling for help, but the suspects started viciously beating him with their weapons.

"They both put their guns to my head and I said, if you are going to kill me you are going to kill me out here," said Ramos.

He says the men ran inside his home and escaped through a back door.

They were gone by the time police arrived and Ramos' wife, Sylvia, returned home from work.

"They could have killed him," she said. "God was with us."

Ramos said the suspects did not take anything from the home and he isn't sure why he was targeted.

"Hopefully they can stop these guys before they really kill somebody, that's my main concern," said Ramos.

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