Burglars use roof to break into liquor store

HOUSTON - Two burglars broke into a northwest Houston liquor store through the roof Friday, police said.

The crime happened at 3 a.m. at Roma Discount Liquor, 5349 Antoine.

Houston police said the burglars busted into the store through the roof's air conditioner unit and crawled through the ventilation system, but the store's A/C fell through the ceiling. The crash shattered wine bottles and caused damage to the store.

"The A/C broke. They moved it and it came down. Everything is very well properly sealed. There is no possibility that someone can come break in from the back door or the front door," store owner Chuck Patel said.

The crash triggered the store's alarm. Police went to the scene, but the burglars had escaped with liquor, cash and cigarettes. The owner now has a major cleanup project to deal with.

The burglars had their faces covered so the surveillance video was not very helpful in identifying them.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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