Burglars steal thousands of dollars worth of sports memorabilia

Police: Suspects may be part of large burglary ring

HOUSTON - Police believe the burglars responsible for stealing thousands of dollars worth of sports memorabilia, including an autographed picture of Mickey Mantle, are linked to several other burglaries in the Houston area.

"I'm still not over the shock and awe of it all," burglary victim Wally Hill said.

Hill said he has spent years collecting sports memorabilia with his family. He has collected tens of thousands of baseball cards and even an autographed picture of Mickey Mantle.

"Parents got me this for Christmas one year. They knew I loved Mickey Mantle, and grandpa taught me how to play baseball, so he got me started in it. He brought my first 1983 complete set because that was the year I was born. There was a lot of memories tied in with my collection," said Hill.

However, Hill's collection vanished with burglars hit his home last week. They took about $3,000 worth of sports collectables, along with his computer and cellphone. Those were items Hill thought he would never see again.

But Tuesday, Hill received some of the stolen memorabilia back when police arrested two suspects. However, about 20,000 baseball cards are still missing.

"Definitely think they deserve jail time. How much? I couldn't tell you," said Hill.

According to police, the two men are likely part of a burglary ring that has targeted homes for months. Police believe they are connected to at least 14 burglaries in Spring Branch and northwest Houston.

The two suspects arrested have yet to be charged.

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