Burglars climb through wall but come away with little

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - Surveillance video shows some pretty clear images of men who broke into a southwest Houston convenience store.

The men made a lot of damage just getting into the store.

The store's manager says the crooks brought a big piece of concrete to try and break into the door to get to the register. The thieves also used a water jug to try to break into the cashier's office.

When that didn't work, police say they stole a case of beer, shoes and CD's.

The surveillace footage shows two men desperately trying to get inside the office at the Mi Gente convenience store on West Bellfort Street and the Southwest Freeway.

Around 6:30 a.m. Thursday, Rafiq Maknogia received a call from his alarm company telling him someone broke into his business.

"As soon as they called me, I got here," Maknogia said. "I didn't even wear my shoes."

A few minutes after he arrived, Maknogia found a hole in the wall.

Officers say the two men shattered the front glass window of the vacant business next door to get inside.

"They made a hole in the back sheet rock," Maknogia said. "They broke the sheet rock and pushed the machine and got into the store."

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