Burglar caught on camera breaking into home through toddler's room

By Jonathan Martinez - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A man was caught on camera breaking into a home through a child's bedroom.

WATCH: Burglar seen on home surveillance video breaking in through toddler's bedroom

The homeowners said it happened in their Westbury neighborhood in southwest Houston on May 18.

"It was pretty disturbing and unsettling to see someone in your house, and to see somebody in your kid's room," Lisa D'Alessandro said.

D'Alessandro said she and her family were on vacation at the time of the break-in, but got a notification that cameras inside the house had detected unusual movement.

"The first thing that he did was go into the main room and opened the back door for getaway. And he left that open while he was stealing everything else out of the rest of the house," D'Alessandro said.

She said that, for nearly 45 minutes, the man ransacked the place, stealing jewelry and other items with sentimental value. He even stole from her children before leaving.

"He opened her jewelry box. It's obviously a toddler's room and he stole a dollar bill out of her play wallet. So, pretty disturbing," D'Alessandro said.

The same man was seen days later, on a bike, seemingly casing other homes in the neighborhood, going so far as to check people's mailboxes.

"This area already got hit from Harvey and there's a lot of people that have already gone through a lot. To know that something like that might be happening too is a little scary," Alisa Strength, a worried neighbor, said.

For now, the man is still on the run, but neighbors believe he will be caught soon, especially with clear video evidence.

"I hope that, if somebody sees this person and they know who he is, that they provide that information to the police because this can't be allowed to happen," D'Alessandro said.

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