Builder launches zero-energy homes

HOUSTON - Some homes in Independence Heights may look like ordinary houses, but the HOUZE Advanced Building Science homes just might be the most advanced, futuristic, affordable homes in the world.
All the walls, doors and windows are tightly insulated for maximum efficiency. The entire house is powered by natural gas, which produces more energy than is consumed. That means zero energy and gas bills for homeowners.

"We're Houstonians," said David Goswick, chief executive officer of HOUZE. "Houston is the energy capital of the world. It has the healthiest housing market."

They are also AT&T Digital Life homes with sensors, light switches and even door locks that are all controlled through the homeowners' iPads.

The houses were also built to withstand hurricane force winds.

"It's been designed to withstand 130 mph winds, and the power cell provides electricity even if the grid goes down," said Goswick.

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