Boy Scouts help save security guard who suffered heart attack

Scouts help stabilize security guard until paramedics arrive

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

CYPRESS, Texas - Boy Scout Troop 901 of Cypress is preparing for a high adventure camp in a few months and this weekend during some of their training, several were thrust into a real life-and-death situation.

About a week of wilderness and adventure is what Troop 901 is preparing for -- the Boy Scouts Northern Tier High Adventure Program.

As part of the training for the camp, five of them were in a mandatory first aid session Sunday when a security guard in the building suffered a heart attack.

At first, some thought it was a drill -- until they saw the security guard.

"His skin was very sweaty," said Life Scout Jason Fink. "His eyes were red and you could just tell something was very wrong with him."

"Once our instructor jumped in and started doing all the stuff and the pulse was 150," added Life Scout Daniel Fichtel, "I knew it was real."

The scouts and other adults involved laid the man down on a blanket and started taking his vitals, while their instructor performed CPR. With his pulse racing at 150 beats per minute, they knew this was serious.

"It was pretty close there," said Mike Launikitis, the troop's quartermaster who also has a son in the troop. "His eyes were going back at one point when we had him down on the blanket. I was kind of holding on to his hand just talking to him."

The scouts helped stabilize the security guard, bringing his pulse down to about 100 beats per minute, and then paramedics arrived. Thanks to the troops and adults, the security guard survived.

"It makes me feel really good that I got to help him out and help him live," said Jason Fink.

The boys' scoutmaster said he can hardly express how proud he is of his troops.

"It's a pretty good experience to be involved with the quality of guys we have in the troop," said Greg Brenham.

Troop 901's Northern Tier camp will come at the end of June. They said after Sunday's incident, they are now more than ready.

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