Boy, 9, makes life-saving call

HOUSTON - A 9-year-old boy's quick thinking helped save his mother's life.

When Treyvion Fontenot saw his mother have a heart attack at their home, he called 911 for help.

"Everybody says he's a hero, but he was my guardian angel," Treyvion's mother, Rita Jolivet, said.

Treyvion saw his mom doubled over in pain. He stayed by her side and tried to comfort her.

"Tell her to calm down and someone's going to come," Treyvion said he told his mother.

Treyvion called 911 and handed the phone over to his mom.

The dispatcher, believing Jolivet was having a heart attack, told Treyvion to find aspirin.

Treyvion can be heard in the 911 call running up the stairs, but he could not find any aspirin. He then helped in another way, clearing the way for the emergency crew that was rushing to the home.

"Gather up any medications you might have, unlock the front door and turn on the outside lights," the dispatcher told Treyvion.

Paramedics and neighbors soon arrived.

"He was calmer than all of the adults," a paramedic said.

Jolivet said she suffered three heart attacks that day, but because of her son's help, she's walking and talking.

Paramedics said families can learn a lot from this family's story. Teaching children what to do in an emergency can be the way to save a loved one's life.

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