Boy, 7, shot in eye with BB gun

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A 7-year-old underwent surgery at Memorial Hermann hospital after being shot in the face with a bb gun.

The BB struck Adrain Marron just under his left eye and his family is hopeful doctors can save it. 

"They were out there playing and Christopher came inside and ran in and said, 'Junior just got shot in the eye,'" said Marcella Esparza, the boy's grandmother.

Esparza said her family was visiting her home in the 1700 block of Isom Street in north Harris County. Her grandsons were playing in the field across from where she lives and that's where the shooting happened.

Deputies on the scene told Local 2 that after interviewing several witnesses they think the boy accidentally shot himself. They said all the other kids had gone inside and Marron was alone, under a tree, when the shooting occurred. 

Esparza doesn't buy it. She said the BB gun belonged to her neighbors and she believes another kid accidentally aimed the gun at her grandson.

"The shot gun is too long for my grandson to reach and shoot himself," she said.

Deputies said the weapon was a Red Ryder rifle that shoots BBs.

Neighbors told Local 2 the kids in the area are frequently outside playing with it.

"They too small to be playing with a gun like that," said Ronald Tucker. "That's no gun for kids.  I see them everyday with it."

"Where were the parents?" asked Esparza. "Why was that BB gun left out on the property?"

Sheriff's deputies said charges will not be filed because it isn't illegal to own a BB gun.

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