Boy, 5, found locked in closet released from hospital

HOUSTON - A 5-year-old boy who was allegedly starved and forced to live in his father's closet was released from the hospital Thursday.

Jordan Bleimeyer will go to live with his great aunt and his biological mother will have access to him. We're told Jordan is doing well.

CPS will oversee everything.

Jordan was severely malnourished when he was found weighing just 29 pounds at the end of March at the residence of his father, Bradley Bleimeyer, and his stepmom, Tammi Bleimeyer.

Earlier this week Jordan's biological mother, Windy Hall, fought for custody but issues, including her marijuana use, were brought up in court.

"I'm happy with the outcome," Hall said. "This is something that is only temporary."

The judge's ruling is for the next 45 days. On May 19 they will meet again for another hearing to discuss how the arrangement has been working.

"She has 24 hour access to the child when the child gets released from the hospital," Frank Mann, Hall's attorney said.

Hall told the court on Tuesday she'd like to take Jordan home to live as a family with her and her fiancé, Derek Aune, but some expert witnesses argued that wasn't in Jordan's best interest. 

A hospital staff member testified that Aune threatened to take Jordan's food away when the boy refused to take his medicine and that he got upset with Jordan when he had an accident in his pants.

One witness said drug tests show Aune is a chronic, every day pot smoker. Hall has also tested positive for chronic use of marijuana.

"If they cannot come back with clear drug tests they are out of the picture," said Jared Woodfill, the court appointed attorney who represents Jordan. "If the pot doesn't stop it's over for them. This kid cannot be traumatized anymore than he's already been traumatized. When you have parents that potentially come home high -- that's not in the child's best interest."

For now Hall and Jordan will live with Hall's aunt. CPS is requiring Hall and her fiancé to undergo random drug testing and attend parenting classes. Hall will also have to have a psychiatric evaluation. 

Jordan's father, Bradley Bleimeyer, is accused of child endangerment and was in court Tuesday but didn't say anything after pleading the Fifth.

A custody hearing is scheduled for Tuesday for Tammi Bleimeyer's five other children. Both she and Bradley Bleimeyer are expected to appear at the hearing.

Local 2 has teamed up with Be a Resource for CPS Kids or the BEAR program to help Jordan, and other abused children. There are drop-off sites all over the area. Click here to find out how you can help.

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