Box of ashes found on Pasadena road

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

PASADENA, Texas - A bizarre discovery on the side of the road has left Pasadena police and a local man scratching their heads.

Ben Gaitan and his girlfriend were driving near the intersection of Vista and Strawberry Roads in Pasadena when they spotted a box.

"We brought it in thinking it was a jewelry box, we found out that it was actually ashes," said Gaitan. "That's not what you think you will find on the side of the road."

Gaitan and his girlfriend took the box with the cremated remains to a Pasadena funeral home and asked workers there what to do; they suggested contacting the police.

The small wooden box now sits inside the Pasadena Police property room, no one has claimed it.

"I hope somebody claims her, I'm assuming it's a mom," said Gaitan.

Gaitan told KPRC Local 2 inside the box was a beautifully written poem titled 'Mother.'

"Maybe they left the house with it on top of the car or something and forgot about it," he said. "It's somebody's mom, the person that never stops loving you."

If you know who the ashes belong to and can help police locate family members, you are urged to contact them at 713-477-1221.

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