Botched burglary crashes cell phone tower

Crooks gave up after safe proved to be too heavy

HOUSTON - Police are looking for a group of burglars that tried to cut the alarm of a store but ended up cutting the line for a cell phone tower.

The burglars broke into the O'Reilly's Auto Parts Store on North Shepherd and Martin around 2 a.m. Saturday, according to HPD.

Officers said they busted through the front glass door and went into the office. Apparently they gave up when they could not get into or get away with the heavy safe.

Police said they tried to cut the telephone wire for the store hoping to stop the alarm. Instead they cut the line for the Sprint cell phone tower next door.

Service for Sprint customers was down for four hours while crews made repairs.

The crooks were gone by the time police arrived.

It is not believed they got away with anything.

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