Bond set at $250,000 for man accused of killing fiancee

Colt Morgan charged with murder

HOUSTON - The man accused killing his fiancee, then burying her burned body faced a Harris County judge for the first time.

On Thursday, Colt Morgan, 29, was assigned an attorney.

Prosecutors requested a $250,000 bond for the man they say killed Wende Marshall, burned her, then buried her before leaving town.

"The reason I think it needs to remain at a high bond is because he has been a flight risk," said Shannon Davis with the Harris County District's Attorney's Office. "He's been on the run for a month since the charge was filed and the video speaks pretty clearly with the head-butting and the pistol that was found, that he's a danger."

Local 2 was the the only station there when detectives led Morgan in handcuffs into the Harris County Homicide Headquarters late Tuesday evening.

After receiving a 911 call, officers arrested Morgan Tuesday afternoon nearly two hours north of Houston in the town of Buffalo in Leon County.

Police there said Morgan had been hiding out in a maintenance shed behind a hotel. When an officer spotted him, Morgan ran into some nearby woods. The officers chased him, ran him down and took him into custody. The ending was far different from the last time Morgan was confronted by authorities.

Just a few weeks ago in Buffalo, dashcam video captured Morgan head-butting and getting away from a different officer who tried to arrest him.

Tuesday's capture comes as comforting news to the family of Wende Marshall. Authorities said Morgan stabbed Marshall to death after an argument in October, burned her body, then sprinkled her remains in her backyard in the 11200 block of Fleur Drive in northwest Harris County.

"I think you can see when they brought him out he's very sullen obviously," said Morgan's attorney Anthony Osso. "I'm sure the state is going to pursue this very vigorously and we will just have to see where we are at."

Morgan remains in the Harris County Jail

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