Bomb sniffing dogs patrol downtown

HOUSTON - Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen says his department being extra vigilant as a result of what is going on nationally.

The precinct is in charge of security for county buildings downtown, where bomb sniffing dogs are being used to sniff out any possible threat.

"The climate now nationally, there's a lot of stuff going on.  There's a lot of copy cats that are doing stuff, so we just have to renew our efforts
and really work even harder to make everybody safe," said Rosen.

On Wednesday, "Guera" and her handler turned a few heads in Downtown Houston as they made their way in front of county buildings. 

Melissa Nidrick told Local 2 just seeing the dog made her feel safe. "It's kinda scary, but you do what you have to do," said Nidrick.

The constable's office is also asking for your help. If you see something suspicious, you are asked to say something so law enforcement can check it out.

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