Body found buried in chicken coop

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter, John Whalen

HARRIS COUNTY - Around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, deputies went to the 5200 block of Mohawk and searched behind the vacant home after a buried body was reported on the property.

A few hours later, Texas EquuSearch was called in to help with the dig by using ground penetrating radar to look for the body underground.

"It is in the rear of the residence," said Sgt. Greg Pinkins with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "Behind the residence there is a chicken coop, the body was inside that coop, buried inside that chicken coop."

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday, Harris County Sheriff's Office confirmed they had recovered the body at the residence.

Pasadena police are looking to see if there is any connection to the case of 41-year-old Jesus Leal, a man who has been missing for 10 days, along with his pickup truck. But investigators say the body has not been identified, so no connection can be proven at this time.

"There's no identity on the body, no motive at this time," said Pinkins.

Detectives confirmed they also found a vehicle chopped up on the property, but still unsure of the make, model and color.

"We have people from the auto theft division coming out to look at it to see if they can get some identity on it," said Pinkins.

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