4 people found shot in head in partially burned car in Channelview identified

By Aaron Barker - Senior Digital Editor, Janelle Bludau - Reporter

CHANNELVIEW, Texas - From close up, it was hard to see the damage caused by the fire on the four-door Kia sedan.

The car is now evidence after deputies say it was used to cover up the murder of four people.

Two men and two women were found with gunshot wounds to the head. A man and a woman, identified as Christopher Chaney and Nicholette Briscoe, were found in the trunk.

"They found the bodies of the first female and male in the trunk of the car," Thomas Gilliland with Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

Another female and another male, identified as Kelcii Flintroy and Willie Norman, were later found in the back seat. Channelview Fire Department was the first on scene.

"They got a call for a vehicle car fire," Gilliland said.

Once they found the first bodies, they called deputies in, and the 10-hour long crime scene investigation began.

Investigators said all four victims were shot in the head, but the car was only burning for a few minutes, which investigators say may be good news for them.

"(The fire) didn't engulf the car, which would've been a little more hard to determine, but hopefully it will work to our advantage," Gilliland said.

Bob Seibech lives just down the street. He says he was outside at the time of the fire but never heard a thing.

"I didn't even see smoke. They said the car was on fire, but I didn't even see smoke," Siebech said.

He says it makes him nervous to be in the area.

"Do I feel safe? No," Siebech said.

Deputies say the victims are all African-American adults, but age and names have not yet been released.

Both cause and manner of death will be determined by the medical examiner.

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