Blog: It's the heat AND the humidity this week

By Frank Billingsley - Chief Meteorologist
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HOUSTON - It's not the heat, it's the humidity. We hear that a lot in Houston, and this week it's both.

Actual heat values will average in the mid to upper 90s this week. The rain we've had along with a wind off the Gulf of Mexico, will provide enough humidity to make those upper 90s feel like 103 to 110.

Coastal counties are already under a heat advisory through at least Wednesday. That heat advisory, however, can be misleading because there are 26 different heat advisory criteria for Texas alone.

Ours in Southeast Texas is two days in a row of "feels-like" temps at 108 or higher and the heat advisory won't be dropped until those same heat indices are forecast to drop below 105.

So the coastal counties reached that 108 mark over the weekend, and the heat advisory there went into effect.

We've yet to get two days in a row of 108 in Houston and other inland counties, but as the week wears on, watch out. It's likely and let's face it, advisory or not, it is dangerously hot and will be all week.

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