Blanco's, legendary Houston bar, closing after 30 years

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - A legendary Houston bar is closing its doors for the last time, after 30 years.

"It has been so busy I really haven't had much time to think other than really glad that everyone comes in one more time to see us," said co-owner, Karin Barnes.

Some prefer Blanco's more than a bar; it was a cornerstone, a dependable gathering spot.

"It's an old time Texas honky tonk in the middle of River Oaks. I lost my dad a few weeks ago and this was always our place," said one patron.

It's where people of all walks came together to eat killer burgers, swill beer and listen to great live country music.

"There were Bentleys and pickup trucks in the parking lot all the time," said Denis Debakey, the former owner's brother.

The Debakey's, who had ownership in the bar for decades, enjoyed their last lunch there on Friday.

"The land was transferred at the beginning of the year and I think the new owner has some plans for it," said Debakey.

Nearby St. John's School bought the valuable land.

Folks will actually have a chance to bring some memories from the bar home. There will be an auction at the bar on Saturday night at 5pm.

Saturday is the last night Blanco's is open. Usually the bar is reserved for private parties, but everyone is welcome to the sendoff.

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