Big gator 'Godzilla' captured in Sugar Land shopping center parking lot

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter, Alex Green - Content Editor

SUGAR LAND, Texas - Alligator hunter Christy Kroboth and an officer tried to tie up a giant, 12 and a half-foot, 800 pound, 50-year-old alligator.  His eyes were covered up, but he wanted nothing of the capture.

Kroboth said, "We tried to do a front catch with him where you hold jaws and get him taped.  But he was so big his jaws were too big for my hands.  I couldn't get my hands to fit around his mouth."

Kroboth is licensed with the state and got the call from Sugar Land police early Saturday morning.  There was a big alligator near Oyster Creek, behind a strip center on 59 near Williams Trace.  

Employees discovered the big gator when they arrived to work.  It was in the back parking lot where the workers park their vehicles. Authorities said it may have wandered over from the creek.

"We tried several different attempts on how to catch him.  Finally we thought we had him wore out enough to put two people on the back of him and kinda outweigh him which clearly did not work," Kroboth said.

The alligator was so big that they named it "Godzilla."  Once its snout was all wrapped up, and his legs tied up, it took a fork lift from a nearby Home Depot to load him up.

She told KPRC 2, "He still had some fight in him.  Obviously no death roll or anything like that.  So we were all able to get off safely then he was able to swat me with the tail."

Godzilla was loaded into a pickup.  Kroboth said he will be taken to an alligator farm in El Campo where he will live out his life.  The dental assistant by day is glad to still have her life!

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