Beloved Houston singer Norma Zenteno dies

Zenteno benefit to go on as scheduled

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HOUSTON - Beloved Houston singer Norma Zenteno passed away Friday night, according to her Facebook page.

A posting on the singer's Facebook page said Zenteno was surrounded by her husband, mother, brothers and her children when she died.

Zenteno was diagnosed with breast cancer, and according to her Facebook page, things hadn't been going well lately. One message, posted Wednesday, said her kidneys began shutting down and the doctors decided to put her on dialysis.

The next day, another posting said Zenteno went into cardiac arrest. It said she was resuscitated, but her condition was extremely fragile.

According to her web page, Zenteno's music doesn't quite fit into any category. Zenteno got her first electric guitar from her father, acclaimed trumpet player Roberto Zenteno.

Since then, Zenteno has been writing and performing her own music, according to her web site.

The benefit planned for Zentno on Sunday will go ahead as scheduled and will be a tribute to her life, according to a recent Facebook posting.

The benefit is scheduled from 3 to 8 p.m. at SRO Sports Bar & Cafe, located at 444 Northwest Mall.

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