Bees invade woman's home

HOUSTON - Nearly a million bees invaded a woman's Houston home.

Bee removal experts had the huge task of removing 350 pounds of honeycomb from the homeowner's walls. 

The bee infestation took place for more than a decade.

"I didn't believe it," said Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control. "I get every kind of weird job. I know it's going to be a monster. I'll try to handle it the best I can."

The woman called her friends and family for help before Griffin came to the rescue.

Griffin and his team sawed through the garage wall and found two large beehives with honeycomb all the way down the wall.

Bee experts said as temperatures heat up, bees are looking for a cool place to call home -- and that could be your home. Griffin has some advice for homeowners, who don't want this to happen to their homes.

"Don't let the plants grow up on the side of your house like you live in Busch Gardens," said Griffin. "Keep it trimmed and keep anything about a foot away."

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